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Homenetmen’s History
HO – MEN – ET – MEN in Armenian, is the acronym for ARMENIAN PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SCOUTING GENERAL UNION. Homenetmen's motto is Partsratsir Partsratsour "Elevate yourself and elevate others with you".
Dating back to 1910, Armenians living in Constantinople participated and prospered in various athletic groups. One of the coaches of these groups, Shavarsh Krissian, with the help of his periodical “Manramarz” publicised the need to unite all Armenians under one organisation. Unification plans were halted as in 1914 World War I began. Soon after in 1915 the Armenian Genocide tragically took the life of Shavarsh Krissian as he along with other Armenian intellectuals and leaders were killed at the Ayachi prison in Bosporus.
With the end of the war, a new group of Armenians set out to continue Krissian’s dream. Seven Armenians convened a meeting in Constantinople on November 16, 1918 in order to unite all of the Armenian athletic group under the name “Homenetmen” (Armenian Physical Culture and Scouting General Union.
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In 1920, the founding members of Homenetmen, were officially invited to the independent Republic of Armenia. The purpose of the meeting was to share both their knowledge and expertise regarding athleticism and scouting with the Republic’s government. The Homenetmen Executive Committee sent Vahan Cheraz, Dikran Khoian, and Onig Yazmajian to the meeting. Although initially successful in their efforts to spread Homenetmen’s athletic and scouting movement within Armenia, Homenetmen later was banned from Armenia after Armenia’s succession into the Soviet Socialist Republic.
In 1924, the organisation’s development resumed establishing a chapter in Beirut, Lebanon, and later on in 1925 in Aleppo, Syria. From that point on Homenetmen continued to organise chapters within the large Armenian communities in the area.
Homenetmen has since established a chapter in Armenia, as well as various chapters in the Armenian diaspora, including in many cities in the Middle East, Europe, United States, Canada, South America and Australia. Almost all chapters established have activities in Scouting and sports.
The mission of Homenetmen is to prepare physically strong Armenians and exemplary citizens with the highest intellectual and spiritual virtues:
Today Homenetmen is a worldwide organisation with over 25,000 members on five continents.
During the early 1960’s, due to the political situation in the Middle East, a large number of Armenians migrate to Australia, Canada, and the United States. Not only do they re-establish their lives and their families, but they also begin the expansion of Homenetmen chapters to new areas.
As soon as they were settled, they started organising various community activities i.e. Sunday School, Scouting and sports including football and basketball.
Homenetmen Australia currently has 4 chapters representing different areas:
Chapter Established
History of Homenetmen Arax
The Homenetmen Arax – Melbourne Chapter, was established in 1966, the original committee consisting of:
Y. Kaloust Ipradjian (President)
Y. Garo Adomian (Secretary)
Y. John Asalian (Treasurer)
Y. Nishan Khatchadourian (Adviser)
Y. Berdj Daghavarian (Adviser)
Homenetmen Arax grew from 1 soccer team to multiple basketball teams and a scouting movement over the years.
In the following pages you will find important information about basketball, futsal and scouting and the expectations of both players and parents and team managers when you are affiliated with Homenetmen Arax. The information outlines codes of conduct and rules that must be followed to be able to participate. Intentionally or even unintentionally not following these rules will not be tolerated and punishment/suspension will occur. This will be decided by Homenetmen Arax Committee and Homenetmen Arax Sport Sub Committee.
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